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In light of the recent COVID-19 health concerns, we are currently limiting most appointments to take place via phone or video conferencing platforms.  However, when meeting in person for testing or assessment purposes, the following safety protocols are in place to ensure the upmost care is given for precautionary health and safety purposes.


  • Your health and safety is a priority!

  • We will be ensuring that office staff and all patients follow social distancing practices when entering and exiting office 

  • Patients will be seated in a separate room from psychologist 

  • No employees will be in the office during the time of patient visits

  • Dr. Mikael will meet the patient at the front entrance (Colorado Blvd.) lobby to guide them to the office 

  • NO guests are allowed in the office, outside of those scheduled for appointment

  • Once completed with your appt., Dr. Mikael will walk the patient back to the front floor lobby to be picked up, if needed 

  • Patients and Dr. Mikael will be wearing face masks during the entire scheduled meeting together 

  • We will be enhancing cleaning and disinfection practices with additional wipe down of ALL surfaces in the office before and after each patient

  • Portable Pur air filter will be on, in addition to the HVAC circulation full speed system 

Also, the building management has implemented heightened safety precautions for all patrons, as follows:

  • Management has assembled teams of internal and external experts and partnered with thought leaders to assess all aspects of our building operations and overall environment. We continue to evaluate best practices and mobilize specialized vendors to access vetted products and processes. We are following guidance of government authorities and industry groups globally to determine appropriate health and safety protocols. 

  • Reinforcing social distancing practices when entering, exiting, queuing and riding elevators in the building.

    • Signs in the lobby to remind people to maintain 6’ of distance from others. 

  • Requiring that everyone entering the building uses masks in building common spaces e.g. lobbies, elevators, garage, etc. 

  • Cleaning, Health and Hygiene:  following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations including enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols, with increased frequency and scope, for the building common areas and tenant spaces.

  • Optimizing air distribution during normal and non-business hours

    • By setting HVAC systems to full economization to utilize 100% fresh air as indoor and outdoor conditions permit. 

    • Maintain increased air exchanges via 24/7 exhaust systems.  

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